Well-known author Temple Grandin visits Meridian Mall’s autism museum

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It’s not every day a well-known author, who has a statue on a university campus and who’s had a movie made about her, visits Meridian Mall.

But on Friday, Colorado State University professor Temple Grandin, 74, who is the subject of the 2010 TV biopic “Temple Grandin” and has autism, visited the mall and Xavier DeGroat’s autism history museum.

As she looked around the museum, taking in the “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” inspired sensory activity area and an autism history timeline, she said one of the most important things is the photos of celebrities who have autism on the wall, people such as Anthony Hopkins, Greta Thunberg and Elon Musk.

It shows people who are on the autism spectrum can do great things.

“I want to see the kids that are different get out there and be successful,” she said.

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