Review: Paul Rudd’s New Netflix Show ‘Living With Yourself’ Captures What It’s Like to Be Split by Depression

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I spent this weekend watching the Netflix series, “Living With Yourself,” starring Paul Rudd. The eight-episode series gives you funny, serious, shocking and mental health-related themes all in one. I was immediately hooked by the plot of the story.

Here’s a short summary: The lead character Miles Elliot (played by Rudd) currently hates his life. He hates his job and the fact that he can no longer keep up with daily tasks like he used to. He also hates that he no longer connects with his wife, Kate (Aisling Bea), who resents him because they’re having a hard time getting pregnant. Miles questions his purpose in life.

A co-worker suggests Miles goes to a place called Top Happy Spa in a strip mall. The spa is supposed to leave you feeling like a “being a better version of yourself” — but what they don’t tell you is that they literally make a better version of you. Miles is unknowingly cloned at the spa. Usually the original is killed, but Miles, who wakes up after being buried alive, becomes the first to survive.

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