My Teen Won’t Get Out of Bed: 7 Reasons Why and 10 Ways Parents Can Help

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It’s not unusual for parents of teens to feel trapped in a recurring nightmare each morning—a cycle of helpless frustration when your teen won’t get out of bed and off to school. They don’t hear their alarm (even when the rest of the house does). Your gentle reminders of the time fall on deaf ears. And somehow you become the villain as tensions escalate and your teen finally stumbles out the door in a stupor.

Summer vacation offers some relief from this battle, but it is often replaced by new concerns. What if my son sleeps all day long without the structure of school? Will sleeping all summer cause my daughter lasting harm? Understanding the reasons why a teen won’t get out of bed is the first step in helping them develop a good summer routine. You can work with your child’s biology, not against it, and find ways to get them out from under the covers. It’s also important to learn to distinguish a typical heavy sleeping teen from one with a more serious physical or mental health problem.

Here are some of the most common reasons why a teen won’t get out of bed.

1. Making Up for a Sleep Debt

2. A Shift in Sleep Hormones

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