The Coyote Adaptive Off-Road Vehicle

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Outrider USA’s new Coyote is an adaptive, electric off-road vehicle suitable for wheelchair users who enjoy hunting, fishing or exploring the backcountry. The Coyote has four wheels, semi-recumbent seating and hand controls, and comes standard with a 2,000-watt, two-wheel drive power train with independent suspension. It can be upgraded to a 3,000-watt, two-wheel drive power train with live axle for sport applications and heavier riders. For those looking for a machine capable of managing everything from rocky streambeds to steep mountain trails, a 5,000-watt, four-wheel drive model with independent suspension is available.

The Coyote comes with lithium-ion battery with a top range of 35 miles. You can add up to three additional battery packs for a maximum range of 140 miles. The Coyote has a maximum speed of 22 mph and is virtually silent and scent-free — ideal for hunters.  It can be outfitted with a variety of adaptive options for users with disabilities, including hand controls with tri-pin adapters, harnesses, seatbelts and other postural support options.

Outrider makes each Coyote to order and they ship worldwide. The base model of the Coyote costs $13,985. Financing options are available. For more information about the Coyote, please visit opens in a new windowOutrider USA.  

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