How I Ended Decades of Chronic Pain

By Robert Roy Britt: For Complete Post, Click Here…

Low back pain has dogged me since my mid-20s, moderate and annoying most days with the occasional must-lie-down-now episode that made me grumpy and ornery but got me out of yard work for a few days.

In my late 40s, a dull ache emerged in my right hip, gradually growing worse and sharper, until it became impossible to sleep on my right side, which made snuggling with my wife problematic (our sides of the bed were long ago set in stone, and I’m indisputably on the left).

I got used to starting each day stiff and sore, accustomed to carrying a certain level of background misery around most of the day. No amount of pillows made the couch comfortable. A long car trip required hourly stops to stretch and shake out the hurt.

But in the last few months, everything has changed.

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