How to use Taptic Time on the Apple Watch

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If you don’t want to disturb anyone when finding out the time on your Apple Watch, you could try Taptic Time. Here’s how to feel what time it is in watchOS.

Like other watches, the Apple Watch has, as its core function, the ability to tell users the time. It seems obvious, but considering all of the features the Apple Watch has, it’s something that can be easily forgotten about.

While you can usually tell the time by looking directly at the screen, that may not necessarily be an option. For example, at a theater, having a bright screen illuminate in the middle of a dark room could be distracting to other movie watchers.

It is possible to set up the Apple Watch to tell you the time, without requiring anyone to look at the screen, and without making a loud noise.

Taptic Time

A relatively underused feature of the Apple Watch, Taptic Time enables you to actually feel what the time is at that moment. Instead of noise or using the display, it instead employs the Taptic Engine of the Apple Watch to vibrate on your wrist.

By feeling and recognizing the pattern of vibrations, it is possible to know what the time is.

How to enable Taptic Time on the Apple Watch

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select Clock, then Taptic Time.
  • Set the toggle next to Taptic Time to On.
  • Select the pattern that Taptic Time should use.

When Taptic Time is enabled, you can touch and hold two fingers on the watch face to start the vibrations.


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