Jim Carrey’s Right: Depression Can Wake Us Up, Science Now Confirms

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After a decade of research, scientists are stunned to find that depression opens the door to spiritual awakening.

When I was 10 years old, his name entered my consciousness like an unwelcome guest who refuses to leave. In February, July, and December of 1994, Hollywood released the movies Ace VenturaThe Mask, and Dumb & Dumber to theaters. With his quaffed hair and mischievous smile and the exaggerated gestures of the impressionist he happens to be, Jim Carrey crashed the party that is American pop culture.

After 27 years, other guests have come and gone, but Carrey still hasn’t left.

In reality, his catapult to stardom wasn’t as sudden as it seemed to pre-teen me. He toured the comedy club circuit for years and eventually landed a recurring role on In Living Color before breaking through on the big screen.

But underneath his smile and slapstick, underneath the celebrity and fame, Jim Carrey is delivering a more important performance, teaching us this profound lesson: If we let it, depression can be a portal to our true power as human beings.

And we now have the science to know he’s right.

Whether we side with nature or nurture, both sides of the debate assume that depression is a pathology that needs to be wrestled into submission. But this assumption rests on a limited understanding of its cause and robs us of the developmental opportunity it presents.

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