Ukrainians with intellectual disabilities must be included in humanitarian relief efforts. Learn how to support them here:

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What is happening

Russian forces crossed Ukraine’s borders early in the morning on the 24 February 2022 and began bombing locations across the country.

Many Ukrainian people have already been killed or injured, resulting in a humanitarian emergency.

Some people are hiding in basements or bathrooms to protect themselves from the impact of the bombs, while others are trying to escape to other countries.

How we are affected

Sadly, we know that people with intellectual disabilities are among the most marginalized in the already marginalized disability community.

In times of crisis and conflict, people with intellectual disabilities are left out of government responses and international aid.

There are 2.7 million persons with disabilities living in Ukraine.

Food shortages have already begun and many people with disabilities are suffering from a lack of medication or being cut off from support services.

People in institutions who are unable to flee the country or access information about what is happening are at risk of being abandoned and forgotten. EDF reports that least 82,000 children are segregated from society, with countless more adults with disabilities permanently institutionalised. 

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