Welcome to the State of Michigan Domestic Violence VoiceDV Hotline

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1. What is VOICEDV Hotline? VoiceDV Hotline provides confidential and anonymous support for all victims/survivors of domestic violence, their support people, and those professionals who serve them in the state of Michigan 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These services are secure and available Realtime.

2. What role does it play in meeting the needs of survivors in Michigan? VoiceDV Hotline provides live, one-on-one, crisis support services. These services are there for those who need assistance in finding both local supports and support in the moment through our trained advocates.

3. How can someone access the Hotline? Telephone Hotline: 1-866-864-2338 TTY: 1-517-898-5533 SMS: Text 1-877-861-0222 Chat: https://mcedsv.org/hotline-domestic-violence/hotline-chat-2/

4. Who can use and access these services? Services are available to anyone who contacts hotline staff through the telephone, chat, text, or TTY.

5. Who operates the Hotline? VoiceDV Hotline is staffed by trained advocates of the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence.

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