Increasing at-home COVID test accessibility for the blind

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Accessibility in health care for low vision people has always been an issue, but the pandemic exacerbated inequities.

From social distancing to public transit shut downs, there have been obstacles. The latest is at-home COVID tests. They are hard to come by and for a blind person, even if they get one, it’s impossible for them to complete on their own.

“Every COVID at-home test I know of requires some sort of visual identification of the result,” said Mark Riccobono, the president of the National Federation of the Blind.

Riccobono said people are writing or calling every day, concerned about the accessibility.

Their only option is relying on someone else to help them.

“We don’t want to unknowingly expose friends, family, associates to COVID if you don’t have to,” said Riccobono. “A lot of blind people live independently, which is the goal, they don’t have someone who can see readily available to them.”

The issue of accessible testing is nothing new. The Pennsylvania-based company Accessible Pharmacy started in 2019 as a full service health care company specializing in the medication management needs of the blind and low vision community.

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