2022 New Years Resolutions For The Disability Community

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As 2021 draws to a rather messy close, especially for people with disabilities, it’s time for another round of disability-themed New Year’s Resolutions.

Last year’s resolutions here were focused on disabled people’ s individual habits. This year, let’s look at resolutions for the disability community as a whole. There are scores of worthwhile goals. Here are a few that have the potential to make the most impact:

1. Covid-19

Make sure any normalization of Covid doesn’t leave disabled and chronically ill people unacceptably vulnerable.

The disability community started 2021 fighting for access to vaccination — a fairly straightforward battle. We enter 2022 fighting just as hard, but against more complex and diffuse problems

There may be no way now to completely eradicate Covid-19, or to fully protect the most medically and practically vulnerable among us from its effects. But it’s not out of the question that in 2022, we could do a better job not just with Covid itself, but how it affects the disability community. We can do this by squarely confronting the now familiar matrix of pandemic problems specifically affecting disabled and chronically ill people, including substantial overlap with the elderly. These familiar problems for us. But they are much too often forgotten or misunderstood by our nondisabled neighbors, government leaders, and even scientific experts.

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