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The first step in requesting an accommodation in the workplace is to decide how to make the request. I often suggest employees consider making a written request so they can decide what to say and how to say it without the stress of a face-to-face meeting with their employer. However, writing such an initial request can feel intimidating and employees can get nervous about what to include in the letter and how to word it. At JAN, I often discuss options with employees about what might be useful to include and how to clearly explain what accommodation is needed.

As a starting point, JAN offers general guidance about writing an accommodation request letter, which lays out possible elements to include in the body of the letter. But for employees who need more ideas, the following examples offer additional guidance about how to communicate the need for an accommodation for various types of medical conditions. As you consider these examples, you may find it helpful to review How to Disclose a Disability and Request Accommodations in the Workplace on JAN’s page for Individuals, which also provides more information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For accommodation ideas by disability or limitation, visit JAN’s A to Z page.

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