New report says the pandemic has even made driving more deadly

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Farley told the Times, “You’ve been cooped up, locked down, and have restrictions you chafe at. So, if you can have an arousal breakout, you want to take it.”

According to Baumgaertner and Mitchell, an “astonishing” combination came about in the United States in 2020: less driving on the whole, but more driving-related fatalities and injuries. In other words, Americans have been driving less during the pandemic, but not driving as carefully when they do drive.

“What made last year’s increase so astonishing was that the total miles driven — an estimate calculated by sampling traffic on various roadways — fell by more than 13% as cities locked down and more people worked from home,” Baumgaertner and Mitchell report. “For every 100 million miles driven last year, 1.37 people died — a 23% rise from 2019. Mileage estimates are not yet available for 2021.”

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