2021 Care Rationing Survey

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Who Should Take This Survey?

If you, or someone you know, was denied care during COVID due to care rationing, or due to perceptions about limited medical resources, please take this survey to share your story.
If you are a medical professional who witnessed or participated in care rationing, please take this survey.
If you, or someone you know, were almost denied care and you want to share what happened, please take this survey. We will use the statistics and stories to help advocate for access to treatment for people at risk of discrimination.

What Is This Survey About?

During emergencies like the COVID pandemic, when hospitals are overwhelmed with the number of people needing help, they turn to “care rationing.” Care rationing means medical providers limit the types of care they provide to certain people.

Sometimes care rationing means that people will be denied life-saving care and instead will only receive care to help them be more comfortable. When care rationing happens on the basis of certain characteristics, it can be unlawful or wrong. Because COVID precautions often mean patients are without their usual support systems, care rationing can happen behind closed doors without input from family members, friends, support workers, or community. It is important to share stories of discrimination so that all people receive fair treatment.
You can skip questions, however, demographic information is helpful to see whether discrimination is disproportionately impacting people based on race and other unlawful or unfair personal characteristics.

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