New York wants to curtail a program that aids disabled residents

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ngd-I guess the current program isn’t killing expensive people off fast enough…

The state Department of Health is attempting to rein in a program that has grown popular with people with long-term physical and mental disabilities that enables them to choose their own caregivers. 

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program benefits 139,000 participants statewide. Under the initiative, participants use financial intermediaries to handle administrative tasks, including paying their caregivers on time. Caregivers are paid through the program. 

New Department of Health provisions would curtail the number of financial intermediaries that cater to patients by shutting their services down entirely.

If the move is implemented, it’s estimated that 80 percent of patients would need to find new financial intermediaries to help them complete tasks essential to their care, which can seem near to impossible in certain parts of the state where access to those organizations would be close to nil. 

In Onondaga County, not one financial intermediary license was awarded due to the new guidelines.

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