The National Council of Dementia Minds

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The National Council of Dementia Minds (NCDM) is a not-for-profit organization led by persons living with dementia whose vision is to transform the worldview of living with a Neurocognitive Disorder (NCD).

Since May of 2019, NCDM has been proud to be a model of equity and inclusion as we are governed by a board of directors who are living with various types of dementia.

We are a group of individuals who are committed to living our best lives and sharing this experience with others. We advocate for inclusion and equity for persons living with dementia in all aspects of private and public life. We embrace the diversity of persons affected by NCD as well as the multiple types of dementia. Together we promote our strategies to enhance our well-being and refute the misconceptions of living with dementia.

To achieve our vision, we develop and support Dementia Minds groups (persons living with dementia) who create opportunities for dialogue and education for persons living with dementia, licensed health care professionals, researchers, families, care partners, policymakers, and communities at large about strategies to live well with Neurocognitive Disorders. The National Council of Dementia Minds is proud to report that we have provided educational opportunities for over 3,000 people in four countries.

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