13 Lies People With Depression Tell

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We know depression is a liar. It tells us we’re worthless, that nobody cares about us and that we’re alone. Even if we know deep down these things aren’t true, depression can be convincing — and its lies can be hard to escape.

Sometimes, depression can make us liars, too.

Maybe you lie when you’re depressed because you’re afraid your family won’t understand. Maybe you’ve been burnt before, or you worry revealing how you really feel will burden the people you love.

Whatever the reason you lie, it’s important to know you’re not the only one who feels this pressure — and that finding even small ways to be more truthful can have a huge impact on your depression journey as a whole.

To better understand why people lie when they’re depressed, we asked our mental health Mighty community to share what lie they tell when they’re struggling — and why they tell it.

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