WayFinder Unlocks the World of Independent Travel for People with Cognitive Disabilities

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WayFinder App

WayFinder is a commercially available research-based mobility support application that was developed specifically to enable individuals with cognitive disabilities to independently navigate fixed route transit systems. The WayFinder app itself runs on a mobile device, and is nested within an entire ecosystem of supporting programs.

The WayFinder app consists of pre-built routes based on a transit agency’s route data and personalized for an individual. When a route is launched, a series of GPS-based prompts guide the user through the trip from start to finish. Using tactile, audio, visual and text-based prompts, the WayFinder app provides a similar level of the support that an individual would receive if a caregiver or travel trainer were right there, such as giving a reminder at the bus stop, “Be sure to have your bus pass ready” or later, “Your stop is coming up. It is time to pull the cord to signal the bus to stop.”

Designed throughout specifically for the needs of users with cognitive disabilities, with each component backed by research and testing, the WayFinder app is designed to give end users confidence, guidance, and peace of mind as they independently navigate their trips. WayFinder is fully customizable to the specific abilities and desires of each user, and includes a cognitively accessible option to communicate with a caregiver at all times. The WayFinder Ecosystem is a group of technologies that support and enhance use of the WayFinder App itself.

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