How to Get On: New Pages for 2021

Home Care

Sample Care Plan for Increasing Hours 

Lilac’s Doctor’s Letter for Increasing Home Care Hours


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Social Security disability

The Dazzling Disability Doctor Letter of Miss Ruby Fierce

How to Determine Rent if You Live with the Homeowner (SSI Regulations)

Disability Accommodations

Doctor Letter for Extra Bedroom for Exercise & Equipment

Patient Letter for Extra Bedroom for Exercise

Doctor letter for higher voucher

Hibiscus’ Letter for Higher Voucher

How to Use Your Housing Voucher to Rent a Room in a House

Doctor Letter for Breaking Lease Early

Orchid’s Letter for Breaking Lease Early

Dahlia’s Request for Higher Voucher


Where Can I Find a Case Worker or Advocate to Help Me With Housing?

Letter if Housing Agency Did Not Exclude Your Pandemic Unemployment Pay

Letter if Your Income Lowers and Your Housing Worker Refuses to Lower Rent

Sample Letter to Exclude Income from a Caregiver of Someone with Developmental Disabilities (HUD & Section 8)


Amazing artwork on this page by Robin Mead and Elizabeth D’Angelo

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