How AbleGamers built a certification program to improve inclusivity in gaming

By Jeff Grubb: For Complete Post, click here…

Making games more accessible to people with disabilities is an idea that is gaining more popularity, both with players and developers. And a lot of the credit for that needs to go to the hard work of the people at AbleGamers, which is a charity dedicated to ensuring that everyone can game. And to enact that change, AbleGamers is taking on the responsibility of educating developers itself with its Accessible Player Experiences (APX) course.

I spoke with AbleGamers vice president Chris Power and chief operational officer Steven Spohn about APX for our How Games Make Money podcast. The pair argue that developers are leaving billions of dollars in revenue on the table by excluding players with disabilities. And the idea is that by appealing to the wallets of publishers and developers while simultaneously providing the knowledge required to overcome the design obstacles, AbleGamers can create a more inclusive medium.

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