The Taliban Is Targeting Disability Rights Activists

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Because of their association with the United States, many members of disability-rights organizations in Afghanistan are at risk.

The day the Taliban seized control of Kabul, they lobbed a grenade into A’s yard, and he promptly left home to seek refuge. A lower-limb amputee and prominent disability rights activist, he’s at risk because of his disability rights organization’s association with the United States.

“We have implemented a number of US grants and therefore…they think that me and my people are on a spy mission for the Americans,” A wrote in an e-mail to me.

As of Monday, the Taliban has shown up at A’s house three times. They also visited the office of the organization, where they asked security guards for A’s whereabouts. A is moving from house to house to evade capture. At least 50 disability rights activists like A and their families are imperiled, says Isabel Hodge, the executive director of the United States International Council on Disabilities (USICD). In 2017, USICD and the Afghanistan embassy in Washington, D.C., held a disability rights conference at Georgetown University; by virtue of their association with the United States, the lives of these grantees and program partners are now in danger.

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