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Nestled on the hilltop overlooking the southern Italian city of Naples, the Castel Sant’Elmo (St. Elmo Castle) is a popular must-see destination for tourists. Most venture up to it to enjoy the panoramic view of the city, stroll within the enormous star-shaped medieval fortification or check out the works of art on display in the museum. 

Dragan Golubović, a specialist in Bosnian cultural heritage, was one of them. Climbing up to the castle during his family’s summer vacation last July, he was very excited. But among all of the things he hoped to see, what he didn’t expect was the 92-foot-long piece of stainless steel that blew his mind. 

The handrail, affixed to the wall fence of the castle at one of its viewpoints, features a poetic description of the view in Braille. “It’s genius. It’s so simple, yet so beautiful because it allows people who are not able to see the view to experience it,” says Golubović, who didn’t know about the installation before visiting the castle. But soon after sharing an enthusiastic post about the installation on his Facebook profile, he was contacted by a Bosnian newspaper to write an article about it. 

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