Mother is fighting for MAID/euthanasia/assisted suicide to her deaf and disabled 4 year old child.

Twitter Thread from Gabrielle Peters: For Entire Post, Click Here…

-We told you. Disabled people told you.

-I’m not even going to pretend to be able to put my rage into words right now.

-I will urge you to be aware of how they treat “won’t recover” (literally meaning disabled) and end of life as synonymous.

-Really helpful if Canadian actually knew the history of things before they opined. This whole thing started with Robert Latimer murdering his disabled daughter and at the time they were completely clear that was heroic in their minds. This was ALWAYS what they wanted.

-They learned to hide their eugenics-loving murderous intentions by convincing all of you privileged people that offering disabled people NO SUPPORT to live but a free death was the very definition of “frEEdoM’

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