Florida’s Death Toll Now Exceeds DeSantis’ Margin of Victory

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The base still buys his act, but other Floridians appear to have their doubts as the Delta variant spreads and hospitalizations are soaring.

lorida Governor Ron DeSantis made a big bet that keeping Florida open and fighting mask mandates would be political gold, and for a time it looked like he was winning that bet. No more, as the Delta variant has made Florida the epicenter of a new and more transmissible surge of COVID-19. And DeSantis is too dug in fighting mask mandates and peddling “Don’t Fauci My Florida” merchandise to make many adjustments even as the number of hospitalizations climb with a rising death rate sure to follow.

Local school boards are defying his executive order banning mask mandates, despite the governor’s threats to withhold funding, and a federal judge upheld Norwegian Cruise Line’s requirement that passengers show proof of vaccination after DeSantis threatened Norwegian with a $5,000 fine per passenger, a bill for a public health measure that would have cost millions and was correctly seen as a bully’s overreach into an industry that is the lifeblood of South Florida.

DeSantis was elected governor in 2018 with a margin of victory of just 0.4 percent, or 32,000 votes. Florida’s official COVID death count is now 39,695, a chilling reminder about the public health impact of DeSantis’ policies, and the fact that politics is about addition, not subtraction.

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