Crisis worsens as more auto accident survivors lose care

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At least 696 survivors of catastrophic car crashes have lost needed care since July 1, according to a dashboard count from the Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council.  

The reason? Car insurance companies are slashing payments to providers of care for the survivors by nearly fifty percent, under Michigan’s new auto insurance law. Many of the providers can’t survive on half their former revenue. The Council’s dashboard says at least 41 companies have either stopped accepting clients with auto insurance as their payment source – or closed their doors altogether.

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan says this is just the beginning. The health care business closures are expected to continue, leaving thousands of the state’s most vulnerable citizens without care.

Ken Operhall’s daughter survived a catastrophic car accident. She is in a wheelchair and needs 24/7 care.  Until July 1, she was getting it. But her long-term care provider went out of business, and Operhall couldn’t find another provider to help her.

Operhall is himself disabled.

“She was dropped off at my house, and they said, ‘here, you take care of her.’ I’m in a walker, I can’t take care of her. Allstate said it’s not their problem, they didn’t create the law. Then they’re telling me, ‘take her to the emergency room and just drop her off, they’ll have to care for her.’ It’s not like she’s a stump in a ditch, she’s a person, and for them to tell me to drop her off at a hospital? It’s totally ridiculous.”

Allstate says it does not comment on individual customers.

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