25 Things to Put in Your Self-Care Kit

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When you live with a health condition like a mental or chronic illness, self-care is a must. Fighting symptoms of these conditions can be exhausting, and it can be helpful to have a self-care kit on hand for the times when it’s hard to remember what might make you feel a little better in the moment. 

“Creating a self care kit can be useful for those struggling with mental health because it helps to reinforce the message that there are things they can do,” Daniela Paolone, LMFT, a Los Angeles-based therapist for those with chronic pain, illness and trauma, told The Mighty.

While many choose to carry a self-care kit with them in a purse or backpack, others may prefer to have a box at home — or even just have a few calming objects stashed in their car. If this sounds like a cool idea to you, but you don’t know where to start, look no further. We asked our Mighty community to share one item they keep in their own self-care kit. We compiled their answers below — and added a few suggestions of our own.

1. Journal and Pens

“Some items that could be included in a mental health self care kit include a journal to write down thoughts, or an art journal,” said Paolone. Journals help you express what you’re feeling and provide a safe outlet when you’re struggling. You can also be as creative as you want, which can help distract from a difficult moment.

“My bullet journal is a must-have for my self-care kit. I have a safety plan for when I’m feeling suicidal, and I have a page on which I track my triggers for my anxiety and depression. Plus, it’s great for when I need to write out my thoughts and feelings when I’m going through something difficult.” — Jessyca C.

“My journal. It helps to put down all those negative thoughts on paper. Because sometimes you may doubt the validity of what you’re going through. But having a visual to quantify and give your emotions existence helps with coping. Since you no longer feel like you’re alone with your thoughts.” — Donald W.

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