As society reopens, the fight for disability rights continues

By Jill Babcock: For Complete Post, Click Here…

I am tired. I don’t mean my arms are exhausted from rolling my wheelchair, or I am tired because I stayed up too late last night. No, I’m talking about the bone-tired fatigue that only marginalized groups know, the result from that sinking feeling in your stomach whenever you have to let some act of discrimination roll off your back. Or, in my case, explain for the umpteenth time, what Ableism is and why the person leading me to a stairwell is committing it.

For the last year and a half I have stayed in my house like so many of us. I rarely ventured out, only for doctor appointments and to visit my mom. During that time I forgot how difficult it is to let things roll off my back, to ignore the person who responds to my question by directing their answer to my able-bodied companion, or to realize people expect twice as much from me if I want to be treated like everyone else. But I’m not the only one who forgot.

Now that everything is re-opening and we can safely leave our houses and socialize, I notice that Ableism is back and worse than ever. Maybe I naively thought the “new” normal wouldn’t be so bad; boy, am I getting a rude awakening.

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