Why the sustainability conversation is failing to consider the needs of the disabled community

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Care, dignity and the value of “Everybody deserves nice things” are the backbone of Kiwi company Brolly Sheets, whose new product Texi are designed for adults with incontinence. When it comes to the varied needs of the disabled community, we may be getting better at representation but we need to be better at talking about ‘the messy bits’, say disability advocate Grace Stratton and creator of Brolly Sheets, Diane Hurford.

The conversation around climate change and sustainability has picked up pace rapidly in the past few years, with both brands and society at large making big leaps to replace single-use items with reusable ones.

But there is a large swathe of the population who rely on disposable items in order to bring a little bit of ease or a little bit of dignity to their daily lives and all too often, their needs aren’t even considered.

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