Voiceitt Launches Speech Recognition App For Those With Speech Impairments

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ngd- This is the first easily available of the AI-type speech recognition apps I have seen. We need a lot more of these kinds of apps. A lot of people have been waiting all their lives for effective speech apps…

Israeli company Voiceitt, a developer of speech recognition technology for atypical speech, is officially launching its app for people with speech and motor impairments (following brain injuries, strokes, mental disabilities, degenerative diseases, and other potential speech impairments) to communicate with their own voice.

The app is first being made available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad and will be free to individuals, institutions, nursing facilities and organizations for a limited period, the company announced on Tuesday.

Founded in 2012, Voiceitt uses proprietary machine learning and automatic speech recognition (ASR) technologies to identify and adapt to individuals’ unique impaired speech patterns so they can communicate and control smart devices using their own voice commands. The company’s state-of-the-art speech analysis technology can also recognize speech patterns including utterances, cadence of speech, breathing pauses and non-verbal sounds, in any language.

Voiceitt users begin with a simple training phase, repeating a set of words and phrases several times so the app can build an artificial intelligence-powered speech model that allows the individual to communicate specific commands. Users build a personalized dictionary and train the app to recognize their unique pronunciation.

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