ACPeds Denounces Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia in Minors

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Many countries have legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide for adults. However, this is not the case for the majority of the United States. Only the District of Columbia and nine states – California, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Washington – have legalized physician assisted suicide for adults in America. Recently, the Netherlands, Belgium, and several other countries have expanded their euthanasia and assisted suicide laws to include children and adolescents. 

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) decries this trend and calls upon the medical profession in the United States to not only reject euthanasia and assisted suicide for minors, but return to its pro-life Hippocratic roots and uphold the ancient medical ethics principle of first, do no harm as the basis of every doctor-patient relationship. 

Executive Director, Dr. Michelle Cretella, said, “It is the role of the physician to accompany, care for and relieve the suffering of all patients, including terminally ill patients, with compassion and the best available medical treatments. The intentional killing of human life is not healthcare. It violates the dignity of the human person and is always unethical. Physicians are healers and comforters; not killers.”

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