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House and Senate Introduce/Consider Guardianship Reform Legislation

Recently, several pieces of legislation have been introduced in both the House and the Senate aimed at curtailing the unscrupulous behavior of court-appointed guardians. A product of work done by the Elder Abuse Task Force, the bipartisan legislation – HB 4847, HB 4848, HB 4849, HB 4850, SB 0503, SB 0504, SB 0505 and SB 0506 – would amend the Estates and Protected Individuals Code to, among other things modify the duties of a court-appointed for an individual alleged to be incapacitated. It has been heralded by both the legislature and Attorney General Dana Nessel.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held its first hearing on the Senate bills on Thursday, June 10. Additional hearings are expected.

Senate Bills 410 and 411, Special Education Mileage Transfers

Legislation recently introduced in the Senate would modify the process by which an enrolling district or intermediate school district (ISD) and a resident district reach an agreement on the enrolling of special education students and how the special education millage support funding is handled. Under the legislation, even if an agreement is not reached between the districts, a district or ISD could enroll a non-resident pupil who resided in a contiguous district and who was eligible for special education programs and services.

The Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee held a hearing on the bills on Tuesday, June 8. A full analysis of SB 410 and 411 can be found here.

House Bill 4059, ASD Re-Evaluation

House Bill 4059 would amend the Social Welfare Act to provide that a child with a confirmed diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder would not be required to have a re-evaluation to determine eligibility for behavioral health treatment unless it was medically necessary. The bill passed the House on June 3 by a vote of 108 to 2.

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