Do You Have leaky Brain Syndrome?

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Brain permeability is linked to depression and other mental health problems. How to mend the gaps.

Your brain is like a powerful command centre, surrounded by a wall to prevent enemy elements from breaching security. Damage to the wall undermines the strength of the command centre. The blood brain barrier is that wall. If compromised, the brain is left vulnerable to assault and subsequent mental health problems.

“Leaky brain” may sound comically implausible, but increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a well-known phenomenon in neuroscience.

How does the brain become leaky?

What causes a leaky gut can also cause a leaky brain. At the top of the list, in both cases, is inflammation.

If inflammation is present anywhere in the body it can affect the brain by disrupting the BBB, altering its integrity by weakening the tight junctions. Inflammatory substances called cytokines that are produced in the gut are able to increase BBB permeability and reach the brain.

Low-grade inflammation is alarmingly widespread, affecting around 40% of people in Western countries. One potential cause of inflammation is metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that include overweight (especially central obesity), high blood pressure, and high blood fat. Metabolic syndrome can lead to type 2 diabetes, which is also a cause of low-grade inflammation.

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