How My Undiagnosed Autism Contributed to Personal Conflicts

By Timothy Kiley: For Complete Post, Click Here…

I was diagnosed with ASD late in life, about three years ago at age 46. The prescribing doctor called it Asperger’s syndrome, even though the diagnosis was no longer included in the DSM-V. I’ve come to refer to it as autism and myself as autistic.

I’ve decided to write about some of my experiences thus far with the intent of offering some ideas and posing some questions we can all consider together. I can only speak for myself and share my own experiences and observations, but hopefully others will relate and benefit from it.

This time I would like to share some thoughts on how aspects of autism have affected interpersonal conflicts — at least for me.

Contrary to what I had thought pre-diagnosis, my inherent negativity, depression, anxiety, poor self image, rigid thinking and many other less than desirable characteristics were likely related to autism all along. I just thought I was “normal” and other people were the same. I hadn’t known it, but I experienced atypical reactions to not fitting in and not understanding the way other people think. Others seemed to communicate and operate together with relative ease, and they mysteriously appeared to be able to bypass conflicts I was unable to avoid.

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