Defending Against “Bad Behavior” Evictions in Nursing Facilities

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Nursing facilities will often attempt to evict residents due to alleged “behaviors.” With few exceptions, these evictions are improper. Most “behaviors” stem from Alzheimer’s Disease or another dementia, and should be well within a nursing facility’s professional competence. In most cases, care planning rather than eviction is the proper response. It is important for advocates to understand common behavioral symptoms and ways of addressing them.

This webinar, Defending Against “Bad Behavior” Evictions in Nursing Facilities, will combine legal and dementia expertise. Legal services attorneys will discuss the relevant law and offer tips for representing clients facing eviction due to behavioral symptoms. Alzheimer’s Disease experts will discuss common behavioral symptoms and effective ways to deal with those symptoms.

Who should participate:
Attorneys, paralegals, and aging network professionals who serve older adults.

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