An Airline Damaged Her Wheelchair So Disabled Social Media Took Care of It

By Seth McBride: For Complete Post, Click Here…

Last weekend, three wheelchair-using friends set out from New York City to vacation and meet up with a few other friends in Phoenix, Arizona. Gabrielle deFiebre, Brianna Scalesse and Lucy Richardson were fully vaccinated and excited to get out of NYC and enjoy some of the social life we’ve all been missing for the past year-plus. But when they got off their Delta Airlines flight, they were met with a awful yet all too common surprise: the power assist wheels on deFiebre’s chair had been destroyed along the way.

DeFiebre was obviously upset. For many quads who use power assist wheels, it can be next to impossible to get around independently without them, especially in an unfamiliar city. But then something great happened. After Scalesse posted the video on TikTok, it immediately started gaining traction on social media, with thousands of people watching, liking and commenting on it. Gina Schuh, a disability advocate and fellow quad who lives in Phoenix, happened to have the same model of power assist wheels and offered them for deFiebre to use while she was in town for the weekend.

With deFiebre mobile again, the group set out to enjoy themselves as much as they’d been planning on before some careless airline employees messed it all up.

What’s more, while they were in Phoenix, disabled social media went after Delta to put the pressure on to get them to replace deFiebre’s wheels. Just check out the hundreds of people who flooded an entirely unrelated Instagram post from Delta with comments about deFiebre’s situation.

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