5 Signs of Unresolved Trauma You Would Never Think Of

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Who would have thought that signs like shaking could be due to trauma?

By now, most people know that trauma can cause a lot of disruption in our lives. No matter how old we are, trauma stays lodged in the body and nervous system and creates subtle signs that we may not understand fully. Many people think that unresolved trauma is a brain issue, but that’s not true. Trauma gets lodged in the nervous system, which is found in every corner of the body. As such, there are many body/mind symptoms of trauma.

We commonly refer to PTSD as a set of symptoms that directly originate from trauma. Some of these symptoms include:

Emotional distress
Difficulty in relationships
Sleep and eating difficulties
Self-destructive behavior

We are becoming more aware of PTSD and the fallout that it creates in our lives. But we rarely think of my subtle signs of trauma that may go unnoticed as they originate from deep in the body, and we have little control over them. Knowing these symptoms can have a calming effect as we are able to make more sense of things that happen in our bodies.

Let’s look at 5 signs of unresolved trauma that we rarely mention or think about. Many of these symptoms are embedded in the body and indicate a stressed nervous system. The energy of trauma never leaves our body until we process it. In some ways, these symptoms are the body attempting to process and resolve the excess energy of trauma.

Many trauma therapists know that this can occur, and they often work on these symptoms with their clients to help them integrate and become more aware of what’s behind the symptoms.

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