The Key Update: “The New National Mental Health Crisis Line Wants to Track Your Location”

From Susan Rogers, at The National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse: For Complete Post, Click Here…

n July 2022, 988 is scheduled to replace 1.800.273.TALK, the current federally funded National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. But some mental health advocates say that the new number—which will include geolocation technology, as 911 does—has the potential for police showing up at the caller’s door.

“Autonomy and choice outweigh any benefits of geolocation services,” said disability rights activist Jess Stohlmann-Rainey of Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners in Denver. “We marginalize and put communities who need us at risk by doing any kind of coercion.” 

Stohlmann-Rainey is quoted in “The New National Mental Health Crisis Line Wants to Track Your Location,” which notes that calling 911 has been dangerous—even fatal—especially for people of color.

For the article, on the Disability Visibility Project website, click here.

And for “Suicide Hotlines Bill Themselves as Confidential—Even as Some Trace Your Call,” click here.

Also, Mad In America is collecting information about suicide hotlines in order to provide a list of numbers that do not trace or send help without consent under any circumstances. To participate, click here.

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