New AT for Baby Care

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One: the Burabi Squeeze Feeding Spoon

A silicone squeezable bottle with spoon that allows for one-handed feeding and feeding on the go.

A soft bottle filled with pureed food that dispenses to a silicone spoon held by a hand. A baby is in the background.

Two: the Cocoon Cam Baby Monitor

More than the usual video baby monitor, this one monitors a baby’s breathing in real-time and sends alerts to caretakers via an app. Breathing is represented as a visual wave superimposed on a video display of your baby.

A camera and an iPhone with a cocoon cam app displayed. Shows a sleeping baby with waves underneath and a circle on baby's chest.

Three: Infant Pacifier Thermometer

Beeps when reading is complete. Glows to alert caretakers of a fever. Remembers last reading.

A pacifier with LED temperature display reading 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Four: My Bath Seat

Secures a child seated upright in the tub so the parent doesn’t have to!

A plastic seat with leg holes that mounts with extending adjustable bars and suction cups.

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