Disability Activists Protest Holding Paralympic Torch Ceremony At Site of Disability Massacre

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In 2016, nineteen people with disabilities were brutally murdered by a former employee of a residential facility in Sagamihara, Japan. NDY reported on this Hate Crime: A killing rampage targets disabled people and on an ONLINE VIGIL FOR THE MURDERED DISABLED PEOPLE OF SAGAMIHARA. We also wrote a Statement on the First Anniversary of the Sagamihara Murders in support of those holding an event in remembrance of the lives lost.

Disability activists in Japan are now protesting a decision to hold the Paralympic Torch ceremony at the site of this horrific massacre, an i

ndependent Living Center Ring Ring
President Etsuko Nakao

We are a disability rights organization advocating for community living no matter how severe the disabilities are.  We achieve Independent Living through 24-hour personal assistance support and we have been working to raise awareness about the existence of persons with disabilities.

According to news reports on March 21, Kanagawa Prefecture, Sagamihara-City, and Kanagawa Kyodokai have made decision to bring a flame lightening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games to an institution “Yamayuri-en.”

We have lost our words by learning such horrible news.

Furthermore, knowing that they are claiming that “Yamayuri-en to become the origin of Inclusive Society” – we have nothing but deep indignation about this idea.

Even the media seem to be praising this whole concept by the way they are reporting.

This is a statement of protest by people with disabilities against the violation of human rights and outrageous act.

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