5 Ways to Boost Your Gut Microbiome Diversity

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Microbiome research conducted over the past couple decades has made it abundantly clear that the microbes we harbor have a profound impact on our well-being. The way in which we enter the world (vaginal birth or Caesarean section) impacts our initial seeding of microbes, which is then subject to additional alterations through breastfeeding or formula feeding, the introduction of solid foods, and environmental exposures.

In general, having a more diverse array of gut microbes is associated with a lower risk of allergiesasthmainflammatory bowel diseaseobesitycancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Apart from avoiding unnecessary antibiotic exposure, what else can we do to maintain the diversity of our microbiomes?

1) Eat From Root to Tip

2) Sample the Rainbow

3) Honor Your Ancestry

4) Open a Window

5) Take a Walk in the Park

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