My Hearing Aid Is Broken

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It happens to all hearing aid users at some point – your hearing aid stops working. Great. Now what?

It can be inconvenient but, unfortunately, it is not unusual. Some deal with it more than others but practically everyone deals with it at some point. Hearing aids are very small with tiny openings and it doesn’t take a lot to clog them up and shut them down. There are a number of other things that can go wrong that have a relatively simple fix. Don’t panic. Odds are, it’s not a huge deal. We’ll walk through a few things that you can do to possibly get them working again.

First, let’s try to determine exactly what’s going on with your hearing aid. Below is a list of problems that we encounter with hearing aids. If you can already identify your issue, scroll down to the appropriate heading under the, “What To Do About It,” section and go from there. If you’re not sure which category your problem falls under, the first section, “What’s The Problem?” under the list will help you make that determination:

a) Hearing aid is “dead”

b) Hearing aid is weak

c) Hearing aid is unclear or sounds “funny”

d) Hearing aid has static or hissing noise

e) Hearing aid only makes noise

f) Hearing aid is intermittent

g) Hearing aid is physically broken or has come apart

h) Hearing aid got wet

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