Mental Health Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Update

By Audrey Kearney, Liz Hamel, and Mollyann: For Complete Post, Click Here…

The coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. and the changes in the daily lives of Americans that ensued have taken a toll on people’s mental health and created new barriers for those seeking mental health care.

Stress and worry about contracting the virus, coupled with job losses, loss of childcare, as well as the devastating loss of loved ones due to COVID-19 are just a few ways in which the pandemic may be having an effect on mental health.

Previous KFF analysis of the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey from earlier this year shows the economic downturn has led to mental health issues and increased substance abuse in the U.S.. The analysis also found school closures and lack of childcare had an even larger impact on parents with children in their home under the age of 18 who either have transitioned to working from home during the pandemic or have been required to go into work throughout the pandemic.

This analysis from the March KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor finds that those hardest hit by the mental health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic have been younger people and women, including mothers.

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