What Neurotypical People Need to Know About Autistic Meltdowns

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Autistic meltdowns are one of the most difficult parts of autism for me. My meltdowns were not dealt with well in my childhood. My parents thought I was just throwing tantrums. They thought I could control what was happening, which was not the case at all. I was usually locked in my room during these meltdowns. This has added trauma beyond belief, to have been shoved into a room and have the doorknob ripped out of my hand while all I wanted was some deep pressure. I still have night terrors where I wake up screaming about being trapped. Of course, I couldn’t verbalize what was causing the meltdowns and my parents had no interest in figuring it out themselves. It was just easier to lock me away.

Even after I got older and stopped having constant meltdowns, it was still an issue. My parents seemed to think autism would go away when I grew up. Anytime they caught me in a meltdown or even just stimming they would say, “Why are you doing that?” I would respond, “I’m autistic.” The rebuttal was always, “Haven’t you learned how to control that by now?”

This is one of the most important lessons I can give to neurotypicals who want to support us. We can’t control meltdowns. 

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