Key Update: April 2021

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ACTION ALERT: Contact Your Legislators to Demand Covid-19 Vaccine for Homebound People

People who are homebound have been largely overlooked in the campaign to vaccinate people against Covid-19.

At this writing, some states, such as Maryland, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, have mobile vaccination vans ready to take the vaccine to people in their homes. And other states, such as Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, and Mississippi, have plans in place to vaccinate homebound adults but only in certain parts of their respective states, although they hope to expand statewide.

But other states are farther behind: New Jersey has three vans ready to go, but “it could be weeks before they’re on the road,” according to a recent article. And California is even less prepared to vaccinate its homebound population.

Providing Covid-19 vaccinations is a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If your state is not already vaccinating its homebound residents, contact your state and federal legislators to demand that this change. To find your state legislators, click here. To find your federal legislators, click here.

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