The Vicious Cycle of Rare Disease and Mental Health

By Katy Baker: For Complete Post, Click Here…

Rare disease affects approximately 1 in 15 people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization; within this approximately 69% have reported having depression and 82% have reported experiencing anxiety and stress. This is no surprise to me due to both my own experience and some of my friends’ experiences. However, mental health diagnosis due to rare disease is much more complicated than it sounds.

My mental health “journey” began in January 2018 when I was experiencing low mood, lack of motivation and some really confusing thoughts. I had visited my GP at University once who recommended counseling. I went to a couple of sessions, but found at the time the structure of those sessions was not right for me because it was not about getting over the problem, it was about acknowledging the thoughts and coping with them. After things hadn’t improved, I went back to my GP who gave me some antidepressant medication. Fast forward to after I told my parents about how I was struggling and on to my third type of antidepressant medication and some difficult times along the way, I am now receiving therapy from someone who I really trust and who is really supportive of me. However, I wanted to write this to show that you are not alone. Below are some of the muddling thoughts I have experienced to remind you that these feelings are totally OK and valid to have.

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