You (Yes, You) Can Reduce Someone’s Suicidal Ideation by 76%

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Studies have found less than half of behavioral health professionals receive formal training in suicide risk management, and the average total duration of formal suicide management training is under two hours

That’s a major gap and problem. More often than not, those struggling with suicidal ideation get passed off or are hospitalized. People wrongly assume hospitalizing a suicidal friend or family member treats the suicidal symptoms. In most cases? It doesn’t. It simply removes the opportunities and means to attempt suicide. More alarming is that the post-hospital discharge suicide rate is one hundred times the global suicide rate during the first three months after discharge.²

Thus, I cannot state enough that you are the best line of defense. If someone has told you they’re contemplating suicide or don’t want to live, they told you for a reason — because they trust you.

Now let’s give them reasons to keep living.

1. Suicide is actually a state of ambivalence. Explain this to them.

2. Ask them reasons for living and create a list³

3. Teach them their warning signs

4. Help them develop healthier coping skills

5. Create a crisis response plan⁴

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