Where’s the Miracle?

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I am not in a hospital, care home, or any other facility. If I was, I doubt that I’d be here. I was sent home to die back in 2006. I never did die, I’m actually healthier.

I was supposed to die from an AVM bursting in my head. (Like an aneurysm) That’s not possible anymore. The AVM is gone. Stanford removed it in 2004. There’s nothing there to bleed.

As for providing for my immediate medical needs caused by an initial bleed… I knew what to do. In former employment I have been a care home shift supervisor, a (medical in nature) social worker, and an early intervention program manager. I was more than qualified.

That is what I am doing. I am not a doctor. I am a patient who says what to do next and my speech is hard to understand.

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