Q&A with Kemi Yemi-Ese

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After the media coverage of a major natural disaster ends, people are left to recover and pick up the pieces. For some disabled people impacted by the power outages and winter storm in Texas starting February 15, 2021, the recovery and repair process can be substantial. Below is an interview with Kemi Yemi-Ese, an artist and professional counselor assistant who lives in Austin, Texas. Many thanks to Emily Wolinsky for the introduction!

Please share a little about yourself !

Currently I live in Austin Texas. I’m a licensed professional counselor associate and visual artist. I was injured in a car accident in 2006, sustaining a cervical level spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis in my arms and legs.

You are an artist based in Austin, Texas. What do you love about living in the capital and its art scene? 

I have been so inspired by the art community here in Austin. There have been a lot of opportunities to grow as an artist and cultivate friendships among other creatives here.

It’s hard to believe that major parts of Texas were hit by a winter storm only a few weeks ago on February 15, 2021. What was it like when you first realized the weather was going to be severe? How was Austin impacted that week? 

I unfortunately realized the severity of the storm as it was progressing. I assumed it would come and pass quickly like a previous snowfall in January did. I think that even in Austin, the impact of the storm varied. I was without power and running water for 6 days and I know of some people who either lost for a day or didn’t lose anything at all.

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