First-hand experiences of taking antipsychotics: findings from a large online survey

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ngd- Using antipsychotics is like pounding a nail into your foot to stop pain in the rest of your body…

Qualitative research that has explored people’s experiences with these medications has indicated a large number of physical side-effects, as well as difficulties with social and psychological functioning. However, this evidence is largely overlooked when evaluating the effectiveness of antipsychotics, and this may be partly due to the small number of participants.

To address this, John Read and colleagues (2020) gathered responses from people around the world about what their experience of taking these medications has been like.


66.9% of the participants were categorised as more negative than positive in their experiences of taking antipsychotics based on their average OAR score.

Three main themes and many subthemes emerged from participants’ answers.

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