Free college tuition in Michigan: Which schools offer what

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Depending on where you live, how much you earn, how old you are and even what job you hold, college tuition may be free for you in Michigan.

But figuring out where you can pay nothing for college tuition and where you’d still have to write hefty checks is not always simple.

If you live or go to high school in Detroit, there’s a free tuition program for you at one Michigan public university.

If you come from a household in the bottom half of income in the state, you qualify for free tuition at another.

A third public university offers free tuition to some residents of six counties, and a fourth guarantees free tuition for low-income students with good grades.

And if you were a frontline worker in the first months of the pandemic or are over the age of 25, you have a golden ticket to the state’s community colleges and, afterward, discounted tuition at some (but not all) public four-year colleges.

Unfortunately, there is no centralized clearinghouse for now for students and families to determine what schools offer them their best financial options. So Bridge Michigan has compiled a list of public and private colleges that we’ve found offer some type of free tuition program, with information on who is eligible, and links for more detail. We’ll add to this list as new programs are announced.

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